The world is upside down.

Can we turn it around?

We share our planet with everything, seen and unseen. Yet we often make choices as if we don't. The result is unintended consequences, everywhere.

What is this thing on which we live? How can we benefit from a deeper understanding of the interrelated systems that link us all?

We are creating the future faster than we can understand or manage it.

Can we connect the pieces

and work together?

We are facing a growing collision in and between the natural systems and the human network.

Can we respond in time?


The human species can achieve great things.

Curiosity and longing become journeys to the moon...and beyond.

We can see an image, have a feeling, and turn it into a sonnet or a symphony.

We experience illness and are inspired to track, isolate, and eliminate the cause.

What else can we do?

Can we harness our growing awareness of shrinking resources, employ our empathy and industry to help create a world that works?

Our work at Think Banana seeks to do just that by fostering unprecedented mentoring relationships between industry and educational enterprises worldwide.

Our efforts make use of a systems-based framework for a comprehensive and integrated response to the "human network" and the "natural system," rather than traditional, fragmented approaches. It is only through an understanding of the relationships and interactions between systems that effective policies, regulations and investments can shape a world that works. 

Making this happen means understanding the increasingly critical need to work together. It means recognizing our interdependence on a global scale, expanding the alliance of industry and education, and engaging citizens and government in the process.  

We can address our most vexing challenges.

Let's realize our capacity to change what isn't working.  Learn more